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Have to deploy your Earth ponies first. Keep the Unicorns safe on the back line, casting classes can be so fragile after all. Then you make good use of your Pegasi to dart in and take a chunk out of the enemies front lines. Once you've got enough resources to deploy an alicorn, that's when things really get good. We've got all the latest game strategies collected on our Wrap Up Blog. If you hold down the shoulder buttons and press B + A, you'll get a 30 second invincibility cheat.

One must always remember to respect the new player. In any game, all players start out equal. It is only through perseverance that the new become the great. Perseverance, and guidance, for a great teacher can help anyone learn the rules to master the game. Sometimes, that game is 'Pony Fighter 2', and sometimes, it's a game called 'Life'. (Just to be clear; Not the board game):

A Pony Mentor / A Pony Student

A great Mentor is life changing. They teach far more than the school subjects for which they may have been hired. No, a true mentor teaches you about yourself, and how to reach your full potential. They make you a better pony. They expand your horizons and help you learn who you are. Who was your greatest mentor?

In return, a mentor who properly teaches will also learn just as much from their student. Being a good student means being open, being willing to put aside old beliefs to analyze them in the face of the new. It's not all school work. It's about hard work in many forms, and when working with a good teacher, every trial they place upon you is another opportunity.

Be you writing the lessons, or taking them, post your art to our DA Gallery, as well as our external submitter for use in the weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Stand on that desk and say proudly, 'O Celestia, my Captain.'
MLP Artist Training Grounds Alumni Casserole
1 1/2 cups ponies.
6 ounces provolone cheese.
2 jars pencil lead.
1 digital tablet, sliced thin.
1/3 teaspoon seasoned markers.
2 pounds Wrap Up Blog.
Spice to taste, serve and enjoy!

Dinner was delicious! Does my heart good to see all these home cooked meals and culinary masterpieces. After eating of course, we gotta find a way to wind down for the night. Something that ponies can do together, as a family or a couple to grow close, to have a little fun, or just to head shot your opponents playing:

A Video Game Pony / A Tactical Pony

From the long form RPGs to the side-view 2d street brawlers, there's all sorts of games to play, be they arcade or home console. Not only that, but those games are full of ponies themselves, just waiting to tell their story. Ponies playing games, or the ponies in the games themselves.

Of course, not all games are about fast reactions and twitch control, some of them require a great deal of mental agility and planning ahead. A keen mind can think several steps ahead of their opponent, and maneuver them into the perfect trap... or just have a plan in place for any situation. Let's be honest, Twilight Sparkle has one hundred percent created a system she calls 'Tactical Reading'.

Once you've gotten the master sword, unleashed the final seal, and gotten all the hidden stars, send in your art to our DA Gallery, as well as upload it to external submitter for inclusion in the weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Now you're ponies with power!
Light of hoof and silent of wing, Breezies and other creatures of the fey are as mysterious and intangible as they are powerful. Those who are lucky enough to look upon the realms of the fairies find their lives irrevocably changed. To those who were blessed by a muse this week, their glimpses into the fey can be found at our Wrap Up Blog.

Maybe we should back away from those convoluted schemes and tricks and maybe make some plans for something constructive. Maybe we need to cook up some ingredients and come up with something a little more delectable. Don your aprons, prepare your recipes, this week let's make a cake!

A Pony Chef / A Pony Cooking

From the toque blanche hat to the double-breasted jacket, a chef's uniform demands some respect. Or at least, it makes a pony look really suave when they're beating eggs to make some kind of scrumptious dessert for a top tier Canterlot restaurant. Hopefully the meals won't be 'Canterlot portions', high price for a single sprig of alfalfa. Kind of ridiculous, honestly, but at least the Chef looks professional.

One doesn't have to be a professional to dabble in cooking, of course. Any pony can follow a recipe to make something amazing. All it takes is fresh ingredients, some time to follow the plan, and put some love into the cooking. Even with the most professional chef making the most amazing meal, sometimes there's just no substitute for home cooking.

When dinner is ready, submit your pictures to our DA gallery, as well as our external submitter for inclusion in the weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Bon appetit!
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
"'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door—
Only this, and this weeks Wrap Up Blog.

That is flawless meter, perfect delivery, and... the rhyming is okay. Well, regardless, we've read and recited and brought ourselves into a rather unique mood, wouldn't you say? Picture a gentle clearing in the woods. The Dandelions grow around you, and their seeds scatter as you carefully step through, finding yourself in a poetic sense of mind, you look down and notice the circle of stones set around you. If your mind is open, and your heart willing, you may meet:

A Pony Fairy / A Pony Trickster

The realm of breezies, fairies, and other such fey is always just outside of the sight of mortals, on edge, in the twinkling of stars or the drops of dew, you can find them... should they want to be found, of course. Then, you know you have seen something special and unique even within a world filled with magic.

Then again, the fey are notorious tricksters, pranksters, and take an exquisite pleasure in tricking we mortal ponies. Perhaps one steps into that circle of stones a pony and steps outside of it as a squirrel. Perhaps one never steps back out... it's hard to say. Is it worth the risk?

Be you blessed or tricked by the kingdom of Tuatha Dé Danann, may it inspire you to submit your images of fae upon our DA Gallery, as well as to our external submitter for inclusion in the weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. May the folk of the hidden ponies bless you.
Hey, there! Watch me pull a Blog Post out of my hat! Nothing up my sleeve! And, Tad-oop! That's no blog post. Must have been the wrong hat. Well, let's try that again. Here's something you'll really enjoy: Wrap Up Blog!

All these magical scrolls are neat and all, but they're just a bit utilitarian for my tastes. There's just no artistry behind them, they're all 'presto' this and 'kadabra' that. For my tastes, I think it's better to sit down and write up some good old fashioned:

Pony Poetry / A Pony Reciting

From odes to ancient kings to romantic sonnets, I've always been inspired by poetry. Conjure up images of a pony upon the road less taken, or battling the ominous Jabberwocky! Consider your favorite poem, and to quote the pegasi, nevermore.

Of course, reading a poem is only half the fun. The best poems are shared, red aloud to friends or a small audience. You've heard of a poetry jam right? Or is that poetry slam? Well, regardless, strap yourself in, grab a mic, and lets get symbolic with it!

Once you've properly prepared your poetic picture, please post it promptly to our Deviant Art folder, as well as our external submitter for inclusion in the weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. How does a pony applaud at a poetry jam anyways?

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