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On the plains of the Veldt, legends speak of a foal who runs with animals, howls as if he is one of them, and that he even eats meat alongside them. Could such a pony truly exist? And even more importantly, could once befriend such a pony? Find out at our Wrap Up Blog for the week, and let's get a little wild.

Okay, that's enough getting wild. Time to tame things down a little bit. I like going crazy as much as anypony, but now it's time to put the books back in order and continue that research onto arcane delimiters of ley line energy and proper rune usage. Oh yes, that's right, this week we're performing:

Pony Magic / A Post Casting

Magic is all over the place in Equestria, and ponies are at the heart of it. Everypony has magic, be it in the form of an Earth pony's stamina and green hoof, a pegasi's weather control and mastery of flight, or a Unicorn's mental manipulations and feats of prestidigitation. A Unicorn's skills may be the most obvious form of magic, but don't discount the others. They can be just as strong in the right situation.

So, how does one cast a spell? Is it something memorized and known as completely as the back of one's hooves? Is it a special scroll or tome which can be recited by anypony? Or perhaps, this is an ancient ritual, where not only are the words important, but the very alignment of the moon and stars must be in perfect sync to ensure completion! Maybe we're just casting out a fishing lure and hoping for a bite! It's all in the spell, you see.

Once you've made your unique brand of magic manifest, submit it to our DA Gallery, and then to our  external submitter for weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
When there's something strange, and it don't look good, who you going to call? No, seriously, who am going to call about this? My bathtub is filled with an evil pulsating pink ooze which keeps trying to eat me. I've just been pouring cheez-its into the bathtub and it seems pretty content with that for now, but I don't know how long my cupboard can sate it... Well, in the meantime, I recommend everyone check out these other feats of the supernatural on this week's Wrap Up Blog.

The realm of the spirits is rather beyond belief, if you ask me. Supernatural things are outside my area of expertise, honestly. I am a pegasus of civilization, I'm afraid. Never been much for the sphere outside of this realm, nor much for even the world beyond the safety of the road. I'm just not what one might call:

A Wild Pony / A Pony in the Wild

In the savage and free-spirited Everfree, they say a pony is unwelcome, but I've heard tales that speak of a pony who is one with the forest. A young colt, the legends go, who's parents walked through the Everfree as a shortcut, only to lose their way, and their foal. That young colt was found by Timberwolves, but rather than being devoured, he was accepted as one of their own and raised as a Cub in the pack. To this day, they say on calm nights, amidst the howls of Timberwolves, you can hear a pony's voice rise along with their chorus...

Or maybe we can just go camping? I mean, not in the Everfree, but a nice, peaceful camping trip let's a pony get back to the wild, right? Just a pony and nature, the allure of the great outdoors. Pack your tents, your canteens, and your bedrolls, and spend a few nights out in the woods away from civilization. It's fun! Probably!

After you've journeyed beyond the edge of civilization, be sure to post your images to our DA Gallery, as well as our external submitter for the next weekly Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Happy camping!
Have you been pondering what I've been pondering? Well, probably not. The odds of that are pretty small, after all. But nonetheless, for those who are interested in the ponderings of others, feel free to check out this week's Wrap Up Blog and find out what's been on their minds.

As for what I've been pondering, it would be this: Why are ghosts called 'spirits' when so many of them seem sad and/or lethargic? Ghosts are hardly the most spirited of entities, after all. But perhaps somepony else would know the answer. Thus:

A Pony Spirit / A Spirited Pony

If you think you can explain this quandary, feel free to do so through the artistic medium of your choice. Or perhaps through the psychic medium of your choice; that could work too. And if you're unsure about what the answer could be, or quite simply aren't interested in that puzzle, then feel free to run with any other interpretation of the theme that you can come up with. I'm certainly not going to suspend the normal ATG rules just because I can't figure this one thing out. So go ahead and create pictures of ponies celebrating their high school Spirit Week, references to certain popular Neighponese animated movies, or just ponies being particularly excited and energetic about what they're doing at the time.

And as always, make sure you submit your creation to us both here on DA, and through the external submitter for next week's Blogger post. The username is artist, and the password is twilight.
Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ah! Goose! Maybe ponds aren't as relaxing as I thought. There's so much tension and waiting for geese! Ominous! As we all know, geese are the mosquitoes of birds. Ducks remain cute however, and for those who still wish to brave the pond, head over to the Wrap Up Blog. And make sure to wear your water wings!

So, outside of the ducks and geese, the pond has been a wonderful place to spend a bit of time to think things out. You know, just that moment of peace, relaxation, and serenity. While we're here at the pond, I say we spend a few moments as:

A Pony Pondering / Deep Thoughts

Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Well, I think so, but if ponies have four legs, then how do they wear pants? It's a mystery that is clearly worth taking the time to consider, that's for sure. Makes you wonder what kinds of things ponies spend their free time thinking about? Apples? Friendship? Entropy? Probably apples.

It's in the long dark tea time between awake and asleep that the truly deepest thoughts occur. Are they dreams? Nightmares? Reality? Somewhere in-between? What amazingly wonderful monstrous miracles lie just beneath the subconscious? Because, sometimes we all wonder about our place in the cosmos. Or maybe we're still just thinking about apples...

So, with your thinking cap on, submit those mental ruminations to our DA gallery, as well as our external submitter for the Weekly Wrap Up Gallery. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. After all, an idea is just a dream until pencil meets paper.
Is it too meta for the theme to be a picture in a picture? Art about art? How deep does this rabbit hole go? Is it going to open up a dimensional recursion of art about art about art about art? Only one way to find out! Plunge into this week's Wrap Up Blog and look not into the maw of madness, lest it look back upon you.

With that widening gyre of infinite redundancy closed behind us, I think perhaps we'd best step away from the crafts table, put down the glitter (so much glitter) and maybe take a nice peaceful walk. Maybe we should go outside. Maybe we should think about:

A Pony at a Pond / Feeding the Ducks

Ponds are tranquil, right? What could go wrong at a pond? Ponds are all about sitting, relaxing, and taking in the scenery. They're all about playful splashing and floating serenly on the surface! Relaxing and simple, that's all there is to it... unless you count the deep sea diving into the unknown depths of the pond, of course.

Of course, the true purpose of ponds is the ducks. If you visit a pond, it is only right that you pay homage to the pond's true rulers. They accept tribute in bread, and are not to be trifled with. These beings of supreme power can turn against you at a moment's notice, and nopony wishes to face their wrath. Ponds are tranquil, but the tranquility comes at the price. A price to which all ducks reply, 'put it on my bill'.

So, submit your art, and bread crumbs, to our DA Gallery, as well as the external submitter for inclusion into the Weekly Wrap Up Gallery. The username is artist, and the password is twilight. Best to bring a lot of bread... maybe a muffin too...

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